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Clive Christian Perfume

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A celebration of the unparalleled creativity, craftsmanship and provenance of an iconic independent British perfume house. Clive Christian Perfume has created limited edition iconic scents to celebrate 20 years of the perfume house but to also pay tribute to its origins from the Crown Perfumery Company established in 1872.

Two new perfumes and a stunning new elixir mark the occasion; crafted to embody all of the pride, passion and creativity that is poured into every Clive Christian Perfume. The 20 pair and the Elixir are the perfect opportunity to hero all the elements that make a Clive Christian perfume truly iconic.

These modern classics Iconic Masculine and Iconic Feminine are adorned with a platinum coloured cage and crowned with a platinum coloured cap, the precious metal of a 20th anniversary. The cage is a unique abstract design, a modern interpretation of the decorative cages found on the Crown Perfumery Company perfumes in 1872. The bright jewel like colour of the bottles shines with the celebration of 20 years of perfume connoisseurship.

The perfumes pay homage to the heritage of the Crown Perfumery Company, the craftsmanship of the workmen and master perfumers who have created our products and the passion of the Clive Christian Brand. A reflection of past, present and future in perfumed form.

USA: https://www.clivechristian.com/usa/anniversary-collection/

EUROPE: https://www.clivechristian.com/anniversary-collection/

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